The High Tulsa Black Panther

The High Tulsa Black Panther


The High Tulsa Black Panther T-shirt

The Black High Tulsa Black Panther T-shirt with white print.

This T-shirt is a representation of Pather-ism. The fight for freedom and equality when it comes to the use of Marijuana in America. It is also a reminder of Tulsa Oklahoma Black Wall Street 1921. There were many Moorish Millionaires in 1921 and a testament forerunner for Crazy Money Brand Exclusive Threadz, "CZM Brand". When another Moorish Millionaire City rises Economically the people organized in Panther-ism Fashion will be there to protect the interest of the people. That is what this Shirt Represents.

The Flame represents the burning and destruction of Tulsa Oklahoma aka "Black Wall Street". It also represents the burning or the cannabis herb.

The Cannabis herb represents its self. It is to remind us that as the herb was used amongst the people and the U.S. government made it illegal and locked many people up in jail for the herb. The people use the herb. The herb is ancient. The herb is religious. The herbs are for the healing of the nations.

The CZM Represents the present. Let CZM "Crazy Money" remind you that even though the government made the herb illegal and locked up many people up in jail for using it; at the same time the Government winded up making the herb legal then made "Crazy Money" from selling it all while people who were trying to do the same thing that were and are imprisoned for use of the herb. It also represents Tulsa Oklahoma as "CZM" is in a square shape. The square symbolizes standing in your square and not being knocked out of your box, that symbolizes defending your self in the today right here right now.

The 1921 Represents the past. 1921 is the year the massacre took place. The diamond shape it is in is to remind you that as Tulsa was bombed it was also looted. Diamonds, Gold, Perls, Money and other valuables were looted from the families that were victimized in these attacks. In 1921 there were no Black Panthers, the people were not organized in a manner to protect them selves from treats that could have been domestic or foreign.

The Panther Represents the Black Panthers. Militance, safety, defense, protection, organization, unity, power. It is there to remind you that the next time a Moorish Millionaire city rises the people must be organized militantly to protect their lives, women, children, land, economic wealth interest and property. It also is in-between the present and the past because they were founded in 1966 after the past and before the present. Given, the people experience, learned, reacted, acted, and a revolutionary legacy was left on this earth to the people.

The people demand the release of all political prisoners. All Power to the People.

CZM Brand Est 2012
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